See How to get lasting Relief from Arthritis, Joint Pains and Rheumatism Naturally  without the use of pills


It was only a sprain…or so we thought.

My mum is in her late sixties but she’s so stubborn that she insists on running her shop business (she has eight grown kids and we do our best to keep her super-comfortable!).

Anyway, while trying to lock up her shop for the day (her sales boy left early), she tripped, fell and “sprained” her ankle.

Honestly I thought she was exaggerating the pain and only wanted our attention.

First it was an ankle pain.

Then it became a sore knee…and then the pain got worse.

Then Came The Search…

She had every checkup and x-ray and nothing was broken…but my agile, super-active mum was in excruciating knee joint pain.

Months went by and the pain persisted.

Things got so bad that she actually had to start using a walking stick as support!

Believe me – we tried everything!

You name it. Pain killers. Popular brand supplements (heck; super-expensive too!). Prescribed drugs. Over-the-counter drugs. Herbal remedies. Homeopathic massage.

You know how it is…some of these worked for a while and then stopped working.

Others were just a waste of good money…and my mum wouldn’t stop calling my phone in the middle of the night for a solution!

And Then Came The Solution

I actually stumbled on this…

An old acquaintance of mine sent me a product image. According to him that product was the only thing that worked well for his mum and much older sister’s arthritis.

He got the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) product in a TCM pharmaceutical herbal store while in China. He tried getting some more (so his mum could complete the recommended therapy) but couldn’t locate the store the next time he travelled.

I was desperate for results…if it worked for his mum and sister; it should for my mum too right?

So I swung into action.

I forwarded same product image to my holistic partner (I’m a licensed and practicing Chemist) in China….and voila! He was able to read the label and find the manufacturer!

Long story cut short, it’s been 9 months since my mum completed her recommended therapy.

No Pills. No Pain. No Swelling.  No Stiffness. No Night Chills. No Relapse and most importantly…no more walking stick!


Rapid Relief Arthritis Herbal Tea , Gel  and The Mystery Oil 

Amazing Health Benefits You Need To Know

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties…prevents and heals damaged joints.
  • Excellent for painful joints and limbs
  • Relieves muscular spasms
  • Helps in tissue repair
  • Powerful bone and teeth strengthener
  • Prevent the bones from becoming weak and fracturing easily.
  • Relieves stiffness in your  joints
  • Aids in healthy weight loss…move pain-free again and return to an active lifestyle.

The question is what makes this herbal remedy so powerful?

Being a practicing chemist, I was intrigued…so I delved deeper with my holistic TCM partners.

Yes, there are about 6 tested and proven herbs for eliminating inflammation in the joints but there’s a really old almost forgotten ancient TCM ingredient “coix seed or coicis semen” .

“Coix combination was one of the first Chinese herb formulas marketed in America direct to consumers in the early 1980s.  It later became known as “Mobility 1 and more recently, it’s known as “Mobility 2 which is used for later stages and severe arthritis.”


You should take this tea if you have:

  • Joint pain that won’t go away

  • Decreased range of motion caused by joint pain

  • Joint swelling accompanied with pain

  • Stiffness of joints

  • Deformity of joints

  • Grinding sensations

  • Lumbs and bumps around joints

  • Joint tenderness

  • Warm/red joints



I bought this tea recently to use on an arthritic pain on my knee and it really does relieve the pain and has no odor and is very inexpensive. I highly recommend using this tea for joint and body aches relief!

Chidinma, Ebonyi


I have mild arthritis pain in one hip. drank the tea for 7 days, not expecting anything much. Pain was gone on the third day. It helped me move in my morning exercises. Great product!

Ajayi Esho, Lagos



Thanks for this Amazing reliever for Arthritis, it's a real magic, my parents have been battling with back pain and knee pain for so long thanks to this amazing product.

Mrs. Brambra Jackson, Yenogoa



I saw this product online, was sceptical about it, placed my order and awesome customer service. Product was delivered to me in Kaduna via courier. It works!

Abubakar Saidu, Kaduna



Our users get great results…period!

I’m often amazed by the sheer joy and thankfulness in their voices when they call back with testimonials. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so I simply want to challenge you to try it and be amazed by the results for yourself!

You’ll look younger. Feel stronger and move free just as you did before!


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